Booklets can be used for a range of purposes including Presentations, Brochures, Price Lists, Product Catalogues or if you are creating your own book!  At Warehouse Stationery we offer an easy, cost effective solution to creating your booklet, simply upload your document choose the central staple function and away you go - it's as simple as that! Your A5 booklet is essentially an A4 sheet folded in half and then stapled in the middle but don’t worry we take care of all of that!. 

The number of pages per booklet varies depending on the thickness of paper used. For example using 100gsm paper we can print up to an 80 page booklet size and the number of pages then will decrease as you add increase paper thickness.  Remember too booklets are always constructed based on 4 pages at a time.

Listed below is quick reference guide based on paper thickness and maximum number of pages that can be printed per A5 booklet. Booklets can also be printed in both black and white or colour depending on your specific requirements 

Paper QualityNumber of Pages Per BookletB&W Colour 
MAX80 PagesYN
100gsm70  PagesYY
120gsm50 PagesYY
160gsm40 pagesYY

Files need to be provided in PDF format to avoid mis-match of the margins and fonts etc. Documents should also be collated as one file.

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Please upload pdf images only.
Files should be no larger than 100MB in size and not be encrypted or password protected. Please note that after uploading it may take a minute to process your file. Once a thumbnail appears processing is complete and you can proceed to checkout.

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When creating your booklet the paper quality you choose will have a lot of bearing on the actual size of your booklet. The higher the paper quality the less number of pages you can have per booklet. Our 80gsm paper will give you the optimal number of pages at 120 in total and up to a maximum of 60 pages for 160gsm paper. Please refer to the size guide in the description field. 

Cover Paper

The outer cover of your booklet will be printed on this.



Choose the way an image is positioned on the paper i.e short side up (portrait) or with long side up (landscape) 

This specifies the way the page of your print job are held together. Typically your A4 booklet consists of an A4 sheet folded in the centre with a saddle stitch bind which is 2 staples in the centre fold. This is the best way to keep your document strong.

You may also choose not to actually bind and rather just have your document folded in the centre. 


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