A1 Colour Plan Prints

A1 (594mm x 841mm) Colour Plan Prints are  a great choice for general architectural drawings and design specifications where more specific structuions and measurements need to be colour highlighted etc. 

Paper Types:

  • 80gsm - Standard Finish
  • 160gsm – Heavier Duty Paper 
  • DuraPrint - Water and Tear Resistant Material

Optional Extras: 

  • Laminate your plans for extra durability.

Please Note

  • Plan Prints are suitable for architectural and construction drawings only. 
  • Line drawings/low quality/low ink coverage - not suitable for photographs, solid colour/high ink coverage
  • Order poster prints if you are concerned at all about image quality

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We have three paper types to chose from

1.  80 gsm - our standard paper type

2. 160 gsm - a more heavy duty paper

3. Duraprint - a tear & water resistant substrate

Choose to add a coating to the paper for durability (e.g laminate both sides and trim to paper edge). Available in a gloss or matte finish. 

Total :$ 6.75